WHY We Exist

Our WHY:

Our mission, and WHY we exist, is to change the lives of 1000 people by enabling them to have the money and time freedom to do whatever they want, whenever they want.  We call this "outrageous success."

Engrained in everything we do is the belief that it ought to be easier for anyone committed to serving others to have outrageous success.  We believe that the "good guys should always win."

To make it a lot easier to win and have outrageous success, we built a simple, turn-key "business-in-a-box" opportunity that anyone can plug into and see immediate results with, even if you don't have much experience.

We chose to create this opportunity within the real estate industry, which is one of the most lucrative industries that has ever existed.

Want to join us?

Our mission started because I was living my my parent's basement and I don't want something like that for you...

I'm John and not long ago, in 2016, when I was 42 years of age, I was a real estate agent living in my parents' basement.

That's really embarrassing to say.  

Yet this is the first thing I tell you because I think it's important for you to know that I'm not some "guru".  I don't believe in silver bullets and I certainly don't have a magic sauce to sell.  I'm just a regular guy that created a common-sense way to get out of a bad situation and I'd love to share what I created with you.

The irony is that I wasn't living in a basement because I was bad at real estate.  In fact, I was a successful agent for a long time and the year my life came undone was the year I had sold more homes than ever, putting me in the top 15% of all agents in the Chicago area.

The real reason I ended up in that basement was largely due to the fact that, despite being a "successful" agent, my unorganized, haphazard, and unpredictable real estate business caused so much stress and chaos in my life and marriage that I ended up getting divorced after 17 years and unexpectedly found myself having to start all over in just about every area of my life.

And, I'll bet you're a bit like me in that your real estate business isn't perfect, either.

That basement was a fork in the road where I needed to decide if I was going to quit real estate or give it one last hail-mary chance.  I opted for the hail-mary, which was to pay a lot of money to get coaching from the best digital marketers on the planet in hopes that they could teach me how to predictably get high-quality real estate leads. They did and, once they showed me how to do it, I fell in love with it.

With this incredibly powerful marketing expertise, I was producing a ton of great real estate leads.  But the problem with a lot of leads is that you need a way to filter, prioritize, and, most of all, follow up with all those leads.  And because there wasn't enough time to manually follow up with each lead one by one, I needed a new and better way.

Again, I threw another hail mary and spent a lot more money than I thought I should learning about how to build systems and processes to organize, follow up with, and convert leads.  And I fell in love with that, too.

As it turns out, these two things that I love - real estate lead generation and lead conversion - just happen to be the two things that most agents struggle with most.  

My agent friends noticed I was getting a ton of leads and asked if I would share what I was doing, which I did.  But, after seeing my system, every one of them said it was too hard and took way too much time for them to do it on their own (because, admittedly, it is ridiculously hard if you have to do it by yourself).  Eventually, enough of them asked if I would do it for them that I finally said yes... and this was the start of a primitive Likeable Agent.

Doing real estate "the old way" led to me living in my parent's basement. But the "new way", got me out.  And what we're doing has helped a ton of other agents to get them out of the holes they were in, too.  

Since then, we've perfected the Likeable Agent Listing System, a true business-in-a-box for both solo agents and teams that is the fastest and easiest way to get more listings than ever before because we do a lot of the hard work for you.

And before we go any further, let me say that "getting more listings" isn't even the best part about what we do.

The best part is that, if you want, we can help you go way beyond just selling more homes.  Specifically, we can help you have the time and money freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.  This is what we call "outrageous success".

The problem with getting to "outrageous success" is that it's impossible to attain just by selling homes.  Instead, what you need are 4 things:  passive income, equity ownership, multiple streams of income, and the ability to duplicate.

Our experience tells us that the real estate industry is the best way to have those 4 things.  And our experience is that the the eXp real estate brokerage is the fastest and easiest way to have those 4 things on a grand scale.  This is why we decided to join eXp and adapt Likeable Agent as a complimentary system to it.  

Although you can still join us without being an eXp agent, it's those who join our eXp team that unlock ALL the opportunity available to you.

Like Warren Buffet famously said, "if you can't find a way to make money in your sleep, you'll work until you die."

Joining Likeable Agent and our eXp team is the best way we know of to make money in your sleep.

We only ask 2 things of you before you join us:

1.  You realize that this is not "get rich quick":  We will make your journey to success as simple as it can be.  We will give you a paint-by-numbers game plan that anyone can follow.  Yet, despite us making it as simple as it can be, that still doesn't mean it's easy.  It takes a lot of hard work.  There are no substitutes.  Anyone that has outrageous success showed up and consistently put in above-average effort and it wasn't an overnight success.  "Get rick quick" does not exist in the real world.  Neither does "get rich easy."

2.  You are committed to helping those you serve win, and win big:  Make no mistake, money and time freedom are nothing more than by-products of serving others and ensuring that they win.  If you are not willing to put your clients and partners FIRST and make sure that they succeed and win, we are not a fit to work together.  At the Likeable Agent, you must be prepared to serve first, then keep going.

With all that said, there's a better way to do real estate.  And there's a better way to live your life.

Are you one of the 1000 people whose lives we can help change?  

Let's find out.  Book your call today.  

Meet Our Team

John Reh


Husband, father, friend, dog lover.  Want to nerd out about digital marketing, motorcycles, or drums?  he's your guy.

Rebecca Reh

Operations manager

wife, mother, artist, loudest cheerleader at volleyball tournaments.  the eternal optimist powered by love, grace, and mercy.

Jenilyn Ybamit

Support director

mother, creative spirit, never-ending smile.  Jen ensures that the gears in the likeable agent system keep turning.

The Team

What we do must be done by hand.  despite this very stock image, there are very real hands behind the scenes that help turn the dials that end up getting you all your results.

Likeable Agent Is The Brand-New, Better Way To Do Real Estate That's Everything You Need To Succeed.