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Hear what amazing agents think of using Likeable Agent to convert both buyer and seller leads (yes, we can actually get you qualified sellers, too!)

"We've closed about 75-80 listings in the last 2 years with your program..."

"You're not going to get any better leads than this.  The reality is that you have people engaging and that's the most important thing.  We're in a market where every agent is looking for an edge and the leads that we're getting are interacting.  John really has it dialed in well at this point."

"This turns the tables because now we have what the seller wants, not the other way around."

"This program is a total shift. We're not begging for 5 seconds of the seller's time anymore. They want to talk with us about what we have. It puts us in a position of power having the thing that they want and when we go into listing presentations, it's a completely different ball game now."

"It's absolutely the best lead generation system of all that we've used..."

"My skepticism is gone, though I didn't think it would be... I've tried 5-6 system over the years and most talk a great talk but you don't get results.  But your system, unequivocally, is different than any other that I've used."

"You made my job so much easier because of your leads. Quite frankly, you can talk to Likeable Agent leads once instead of several times and convert them instantly."

"Your system has already weeded out the garbage, the bogus phone numbers, the bogus emails and if their income is not high enough. They're ready to go right away. And  the difference compared to other systems was unbelievable.  The conversion rate to get to an appointment for your leads for me has been almost 80%.  So if I get 4 of your leads a day, I know I'm booking at least 3 into appointments.  I'm getting 10-12 appointments a week and it's because of your leads."

"I've never had online leads that were so easy to actually book an appointment and set up a listing presentation."

"Now, like any online leads, not all of them are perfect, but it's a way, way higher success rate than anything else I've seen before. And so that's been really good.  In just my first 6 weeks, I've gone on five listing presentations and that might turn into anywhere from three to maybe six or seven transactions."

"3 closings so far, 3 more active clients, 6 additional actives for my agents, plus another 2 listings for me coming up..."

"I would say that the untapped market that you guys are hitting and the messaging you're using, those are two really big selling points for this system and I think it really, really is what's gonna make you stand apart from the other leads that you've been working. There's so many different lead services out there and there's a lot of junk out there too.  So you want your dollars to be spent well and you want that return on your investment and this is all that."

"In the last 4-5 months, I've signed 8 contracts, and had 6 closings, with potentially 10 total transactions in the next 2 months"

"The leads coming in, they’re looking for professional help, so you build a relationship much more easily. These leads are legit, they actually want to buy and sell and are giving accurate information, so I’d say they’re highly-rated leads."

"Everything you've talked about is different than what I've done in the last 6 or 7 years. And it has been different, the results are tremendous."

"I was waiting for you to say that you do Facebook ads and, if you're an agent, you've heard that being said a thousand times. So the fact that Likeable Agent was a different process, that's what really caught my attention. I think you guys approach things differently and I just have that feeling that you care, which is a big difference."

"I wouldn't have stayed with you for so long if I wasn't getting value.  Quite a bit of my GCI has come from Likeable Agent."

"When following your system and connecting with seller leads, they’re ready to go.  Most of them are ready to book a listing appointment, meet with you, and then pretty soon you have a sign on the lawn, so it’s been a pretty good conversion with these leads.  Follow the system, give it a try, and you will see results."

"In less than a month's time, we've got 7 sellers that we've connected with and 3 buyers and I'll take those numbers any day of the week."

"The ease of use of your program takes the load off. Nobody ever wants to have any leads fall through the cracks and the automation that you have with the text campaigns are powerful because people respond better to text."

"In less than 30 days, I have one under contract for $532K and 10 more I'm actively working with.  These leads are legit."

"Just to get something consistent and have a system that I could follow has been mind blowing.  You guys provide the scripting, which makes it super easy to follow. And not only have you put together a really good system, but you're so wanting to help your clients. Your training is wonderful.  It's bar none.  You guys are very much in the mindset of making sure that your people are successful."

"The one word I'd use to describe your system is... EFFECTIVE."

"We have had more than we expected come through. We've had multiple conversations, in fact, I went on a listing appointment yesterday, a day after I got the lead, and he potentially has three houses to sell.  I had another conversation with another person who also referred me to somebody else, so yeah, [the activity] has been much higher than what we hoped... The one word I'd use to describe your system is 'effective'".

"2 closings in the first 2 months..."

"My experience is that we've been receiving very high-quality leads.  They're real people and they're responsive when we call them.  With other services, leads come through and you can't get them on the phone.  But with your leads, they're very responsive and ready to engage in a conversation."

"This changes the whole paradigm for us..."

"The return on investment has been amazing... [we're listing one out of every 4 leads] and this changes the whole paradigm for us.  It's a 10 or even 20X return or more and we saw that right away, like in the first or second month in.  It's a pretty exciting time and having a partner like you guys has made it easy and it's just been a phenomenal experience, I can't say enough."

"Leads from YouTube have more intent."

"I took 3 listings my first month..."

"I've had great success thus far.  I'm getting 5-10 leads a week and they're all real sellers with real contact information and it's resulted in my taking 3 listings my first month."

"We've gotten back at least 5X..."

"It's working, we've been getting deals for the last 3 months.  New leads are coming and they're really good quality leads so, yeah, it's working for us.  We've gotten back at least 5X our investment."

"2 listing appointments in the first week..."

***UPDATE:  Since filming this video, Scott has gone on to acquire 90K worth of listings in just his first 2.5 months with Likeable Agent!

"You've been phenomenal. I've got two listing appointments out of the first four leads I've gotten so far in the first week, you've got a way that's proven. I put the video out to them and literally people are responding to that video first. It's amazing. The difference in sending a video makes it a warm and fuzzy way of talking to them."

"2.8 million in listings in less than 3 months..."

"I've got 3 listings already, plus a 4th that should sign tomorrow, 2 that are pending, and another 17 or 18 sellers that I can be following up with."

"1.25 million in listings in the first 2-3 months..."

"I've had 1.25 million in listings in the first 2-3 months and that's with not knowing the process very well and knowing that I can do a lot better.  It feels great knowing I have sellers coming to me that I can leverage."

"After 45 seller leads, this quality is better..."

"I've got 45 seller leads and that's the key, they're SELLER leads.  They're not Zillow leads or buyer leads that might convert 'some day'.  This quality of lead is much better."

"Build your business at a far faster rate..."

"Everything with Likeable Agent is helpful and helps you build out your business at a far faster rate than you could do it by yourself."

"It's money better spent here..."

"It's a better quality lead.  It's money better spent here than elsewhere... and I've tried it all.  Waste your money and learn what I've learned the hard way with other lead providers, or just do this."

"Very upfront and honest..."

"The best part about you and your platform is that it's someone I can trust... you're doing your job very well.  John Reh is going to be your best bet, not pushy, very knowledgable, and delivers."

"I don't have to worry about it with you..."

"I don't have to try to keep up with the technology and try to get the phone to ring.  You do it plus you have the CRM to keep track of the leads, so it's been great."


Average Return

Our average partner is getting a 500% return on their investment... put in $1 and consistently get $5 back 

30-Day Conversion Rate

76% of our new partners have at least 1 deal in their first 30 days with us that is either set to close or that they're actively working

90-Day Conversion Rate

97% of our new partners have at least 1 deal in their first 90 days with us (the other 3% typically haven't made much effort to connect with their leads)

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