We'll Be Your Marketing Partner

You know how you're never 100% sure what to do to build your business?  That uncertainty is preventing you from having the life you want.  We'll fix that by being your dedicated marketing partner that will show you exactly what to do and when so you can have a predicable and scalable business that enables you to have the time and money freedom you're after.

Trying To Be An Expert Agent And An Expert Marketer At The Same Time Is Costing You

The number one problem most agents have is not knowing how to grow their business, so they spend too much time trying to figure how to do marketing and not enough time doing the job of real estate, which causes huge problems like these...

Chasing Shiny Objects...

There's a never-ending stream of shiny objects that promise the moon but only cause you pain when you realize they don't actually work

Overwhelm, Confusion And Depression...

Buying courses and hanging out in Facebook Groups usually only causes depression, confusion, and a sense of massive overwhelm when you realize how hard marketing actually is and how much you don't know

Seeing Your Hard-Earned Dollars Disappear...

Without master-level expertise and a laser-focused plan, lead generation experiments typically end up being a time bomb costing you money that you can't afford to lose

Endless Cycles Of Uncertainty...

"I'll try it for a month or two."  Those are famous last words that only lead to endless cycles of uncertainty and jumping from lead gen program to lead gen program hoping that something might work... but never does

So Just Follow Our Proven Marketing Roadmap And Have The Time & Money Freedom You're Looking For

MBA-Level Marketing Coaching

Want to know exactly what to do and when to build your business?  We'll show you.  And you'll probably be surprised at how simple it is.  Our MBA-level marketing coaching gives you a bullet-proof plan to build your business that anyone can do, even if you're terrible with technology or are clueless about marketing strategy.

Every Marketing Tool You Need

You know how you have to use a gazillion different systems in your real estate business and they're all hard to use and none of them talk to each other?  We fixed that by building one simple system that's everything you need to run your entire business.  We call it the Likeable Agent Operating System.  We set it up and manage it all for you so you can start being productive with it in 5 minutes or less.  And using it will allow you to save a ton of money by getting rid of every other tool you're currently using in your business.

Here's Everything You Get With Our Marketing Coaching And All-In-One marketing System:


Never pay for marketing or lead generation coaching or courses again.  The most productive agents focus on being experts at real estate, not experts at marketing.  So, let us be your marketing consultants for you.  We stay on top of what's working best right now and take care of it all for you so that you don't have to.  Instead of dropping thousands of dollars on marketing and lead gen courses and having a foot in dozens of real estate and marketing Facebook Groups, we'll be your one-stop-shop.  Our private Likeable Agent Coaching & Support Community is there for you through our one-on-one calls and weekly Mastermind sessions to keep you updated with everything we think you'll want to know.  



Never wonder again about what to do.  Wake up, talk with prospects, and service your clients... that's your daily focus.  We focus on the rest for you so that you never have to worry about what to do to grow your business.  You get the exponential advantage of having our insight into what's working right now for agents around the world.  It's a team-based "rising tide lifts all boats" approach that makes it way easier and faster to succeed with our help than trying to figure it out all on your own.  We've already perfected the exact blueprint of what to do, when to do it, and how to do it, so there's no need for you to think about anything. When you follow our simple process, there is no easier or faster way to grow your real estate business.  

seller lead generation
LEad generation READY

Never worry about generating leads again.   Everything you need to generate and convert leads is already designed, built, and set up for you.  That includes, landing pages, surveys/forms, automated text sequences, and a whole lot more.  All you need is a traffic source that you can run ads from, such as YouTube Ads, Google Local Service Ads, Google Business Profile, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook Ads, etc.  If you're part of our YouTube Ads Constant Closing System program, then we'll be your traffic source to generate the leads so you don't have to do it.  We set up, manage, and monitor all your ad campaigns and conversion systems for you.  All you do is pay attention to the leads coming in and what they're saying to you.  

people that actually want to speak with you

Never worry about "bad leads" again.  You know how most leads don't seem to ever want to actually talk with you?  Well, we've fixed that by setting up funnels, automated text sequences, and preset workflows that enable you to laser focus only on leads who have real names, real phone numbers, and are proactively engaging with you before you need to do any work. 

"Digital farm" dominance

Never worry about how to reach your farm again.  We've taken the traditional postcard-based "farming" concept and switched it to a YouTube-based strategy so you can utterly dominate any hyper-local town, subdivision, area, or community you want... for pennies.  This isn't an organic or SEO-based "spray and pray" time-wasting activity of making video content and hoping people see it.  Instead, it's a wickedly effective ad-based strategy guaranteed to consistently get you in front of the exact farm area of your choosing with relevant, educational content.  The result is that your ideal customer has no choice but to see you over and over and over as the only logical choice of who to hire.  We can show you how to do this on your own or run the ad campaigns for you.

Database/sphere reactivation & nurturing

Never worry about staying in contact with your sphere again.   Most agents don't realize it, but you probably have tens of thousands of dollars in commissions sitting on the table right now from potential deals that can come from the hundreds (or thousands) of contacts you already have in your phone and/or existing CRM systems. The problem is that you don't have time to call, email, and text all these people.  To fix all that, we'll clean up your database for you and then create personalized and automated text, call, and silent voicemail campaigns to contact everyone on your list and "reactivate" them in a matter of hours without you needing to do anything.  We'll be bringing the "dead back to life."  Our data shows that for every 1000 contacts we contact for you, you'll get about 10 people interested in working with you right away.  This is basically free money and it's so powerful that it's the first thing we'll do when you join us and we'll continue these campaigns on a set schedule so everyone on your list consistently hears from you and remembers who you are when they're ready to buy and/or sell.  

Power dialer & Missed Call Text Backs

Never waste time on the phone again.  Real Estate requires you to talk with people.  So, built into our Operating System is our Power Dialer feature that enables you to call your contacts in about 75% less time than calling manually.  This Power Dialer will call contacts automatically, leave pre-recorded voicemails for you if they don't answer, automatically update contact records based on dispositions, and a whole lot more.  It will even automatically text back missed calls so that contacts/leads who call and miss you will know you'll get back to them soon so that they don't call another agent instead.  We call our Power Dialer users "Phone Assassins" because they can get so much done.  If you're a Phone Assassin, or would like to be one, this feature is for you.

Google Local Service Ads & Google Business profile

Never worry about how to get found on Google again.  We can manage your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business), Google Local Service Ads, and Google Reviews so that you're front and center any time a home seller or buyer is searching for an agent online.  And our Operating System natively integrates with all these services, which means that any leads that come from these sources instantly become Contacts in your system so you can make sure to follow up instantly and never lose them through the cracks.  

Google Business Profile For Realtors

Never worry about a CRM again.  The hub of our Operating System is a simple and efficient CRM (customer relationship management) system that's so easy to use, you'll master it in 5 minutes or less.  We understand that no agent wants to use complex software.  So, we made our own simple system  by evaluating the 2 best real estate CRMs out there (Follow Up Boss and Chime) and then took all the best features but made them way easier to use.  With our CRM, you never have to create or learn anything because it's 100% set to go right out of the box.  There's a convenient mobile app as well.

set-it-and-forget-it lead nurture campaigns

Never worry about leads, prospects, or past clients falling through the cracks again.  Built into the Operating System are what we call "Respectfully Relentless" follow up campaigns.  These are pre-built, text-based follow up campaigns that will automatically reach out to your Contacts literally forever until they reply.  In just 3 clicks, you can put a Contact on one of these campaigns so you can "set it and forget it".  You can't do this with Follow Up Boss because (as of this writing), they don't allow text campaigns that have more than one text message, which means that you can't continually follow up with leads via text automatically.  That's a deal killer as far as we're concerned.  

Real Estate Lead Nurture Campaigns
Video Texting
built-in video messaging

Never pay to send a video message again.  Video is the most powerful way to further a relationship when you can't be in person.  So, built into our Operating System Mobile App is a way to send video text messages.  Use these to introduce yourself, give people updates, and send sincere messages that let people know you're a real person who cares about them.  If you're a BombBomb user, you can cancel your subscription with them because this will take the place of that.  Plus, our text-based videos are faster and easier to send than sending via BombBomb's email-based system.  Harness the power of video with this incredibly valuable feature!

social media, marketing, & branding

Never worry about having a gazillion different social media logins again.  If you're a social butterfly and regularly post to multiple social media outlets, you'll love how our Operating System allows you to have one login where you can post to all your favorite social platforms plus schedule those posts out in advance.  This will save you countless hours and make social media posting way easier.


social media for realtors
Be the local market expert

Never have to "prove yourself" again.  We'll show you the "One-To-Many" approach we have perfected to use the monthly market report content we create for you in conjunction with Zoom so that you can broadcast your expertise to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of people online all at once.  When you're consistently demonstrating that you know the local market, people assume that you are THE go-to expert, their questions about your ability to get results fade away, and they choose you automatically.  This is an extremely powerful way to get clients that no one is doing.

keep your favorite lead sources

Never have to give up the leads that are working for you.  We can integrate any lead sources that you're currently using.  So, if you love the leads you're getting from any external source(s), we can seamlessly import them into your system.  In fact, we even have pre-built Pipeline Funnels and follow-up campaigns that are perfect for taking your third-party leads and automatically qualifying and prioritizing them without you having to do anything.


win New listings with listing-specific promotions

Never have to create ads to promote your listings again. We can create ads that are specifically geared to generate leads for any listing you want to promote.  We've perfected an approach to easily generate 200-500 buyer leads per listing, which we'll export to a simple report you can show your seller.  When you can show a prospective seller that you'll be generating hundreds of buyer leads for them that no other agent can, winning that listing becomes, much, much easier.  As an added bonus, these leads are yours to keep and to convert into new business... so your sellers are effectively paying you to generate your own leads!

Beautiful, blazing-fast website

Never worry about a website again.  We can build and manage a blazing-fast and beautiful website that can use the domain of your choice (like yourname.com).  It seamlessly integrates with the CRM and all the lead generation funnels we build for you so that leads turn into clients as easily as possible. 



Never worry again about what numbers to track or how to track them.  On the backend of our Power Dialer system is an analytics suite that automatically tracks all your calls, if they came in or went out, how long they lasted, who answered or not, and even optional call recording.  And our Dashboard keeps track of your most important numbers so you can almost effortlessly see how many deals you've had, how much you've made, the value of your potential upcoming commissions, your total ROI for the week, month, and year, and a whole lot more.  Even if you're not a "numbers person", this is an easy and powerful way to keep track of all your most important metrics.

simple email/Text management & sending

Never lose track of your best prospects again.  Text and email are the two essential communications channels you need to stay in touch with your sphere.  We set up and manage these systems for you so you can easily send individual messages as well as bulk campaigns to hundreds or thousands of people. We include beautiful templates, examples of messages that work, and pre-built campaigns that you can send off in a matter of clicks that result in your prospects remembering who you are and calling you when they need your help.

real estate technology stack

Never have to think about technology again.  It's easy to see that we provide literally anything and everything you need for the most advanced "technology stack" in real estate so that you stay in front of your sphere and your leads convert as quickly as possible.  We've built an all-in-one system that seamlessly integrates our CRM with our lead generation campaigns as well as third-party leads, Google Business Profile and Local Service Ads, funnel pages, surveys, auto-responders, texts, emails, automated follow-up campaigns, phone dialer, mobile app, business performance analytics, retargeting and web/analytics scripts, social media campaigns and channels... and literally everything else you'd ever need when it comes to the latest and greatest in tech.  This even includes a beautiful website that runs on the fastest Google-based servers available.  With our turn-key system, you can - and should - get rid of every other technology & marketing expense you have because our system replaces it all.  Best of all, it just works out of the box and you never have to think about any of it.  

With Our Marketing Coaching And All-In-One System, You Get $4,000+/Month Worth Of Services Plus The Equivalent Of An Experienced Marketing Manager Who Would Otherwise Cost You An Arm-And-A-Leg Salary.





Email Marketing*



Google Business Profile Management



Google Local Service Ads Management**



Digital Farm**



CRM System*



Video Messaging*



Lead Generation Website*



Call Tracking & Analytics



Vendor Integration*



Facebook Ads Management**



Text Messaging & Automation***



Real Estate Sales Funnels*



Unlimited Forms & Surveys*



Calendars & Appointments*



Google Reviews & Reputation Management



Power Dialer Phone System***



Database Relationships & Reactivation*




$4000+ PER MONTH


* compare to professional tools such as Active Campaign, Follow Up Boss, BombBomb, RealGeeks, Wordpress, Zapier, ClickFunnels, Jotform, Calendly, Driven, Curaytor & more

** agent pays any ad costs

*** agent pays any sms/calling fees

If You're The Type That Thinks "If I Just Knew What To Do, I Would Do It", This Is Perfect For You.

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