Serious Leads For Serious Agents.

We use YouTube Ads, an offer that makes you the Hero, and a "direct response marketing" approach to get you a minimum of 30 serious leads every month with real names, real numbers, and who are proactively engaging with you before you need to do any work.  If that doesn't happen, you don't pay... guaranteed.

Bad Leads Aren't Your Fault, Yet They Are Costing You A Lot.

Bad leads are expensive.  You waste money, time, and resources trying to convert them and end up switching from lead service to lead service, hoping that something will change.  But until you do something completely different, these problems will persist...

Non-Stop Frustration...

Leads that aren't serious cause you non-stop frustration and prevent you from investing time in those who could turn into a real transaction quickly.

Wasting Your Time...

Leads that don't have real contact information waste your time because you call, email, and text them only to find out that it's a wrong number, bad email, or fake name.

Ripping Away Your Hope...

Leads that "ghost" you provide false hope because they're real people who were talking to you, but then disappear for no apparent reason.

Throwing Your Money Away...

Leads that don't convert ultimately waste your hard-earned money, which causes you to look for a new lead gen partner where you start the whole cycle all over again but still get the same results.

Our "Done For You" Service Includes These 3 Things That We Do Differently To Get You Serious Leads Who Have Real Contact Information And Are Ready To Act:

We use youTube Ads

This is the secret sauce to getting buyers & sellers who have true intent and are ready to act

We Position you as the hero, not the house

This is the secret sauce to getting leads who provide real contact information

we use a "direct response marketing" approach

This is the secret sauce to getting leads who want your help and will talk and work with you

YouTube Ads

Where your leads come from directly correlates to how serious they are.  We use YouTube Ads because it's the only platform on earth where we can combine Intent, Demographics, and Context.  These are the 3 things that produce serious leads that are valuable to you.


With YouTube Ads, we can target people with true intent based on their internet searches, internet behavior/activity, and what videos they watch.  You can't do this anywhere else and this is why our YouTube Ads produce leads who are serious and ready to act.


With YouTube Ads, we can target people who are near to you.  Better yet, we can also target people by their income and this is how we find sellers with nice houses to sell and buyers who don't have financial problems.  You can't target people via income anywhere else and so this is how our YouTube Ads produce leads who actually have money.


With YouTube Ads, we use video to communicate our message.  Video provides in-depth information and context about what we're offering so people can fully understand if what we have is what they want.  You can't use video in an educational and informative way like this anywhere else and this is why our YouTube Ads produce leads who are so interested in what you have to offer.

You're The Hero

We make you the Hero, not the house.  Because if a lead is interested in you, you can sell their home and open every door to every house they want to see.  But if they're interested in just the house, you only get to open that one door.

The "Right Offer"

The "Right Offer" to provide to your leads is the one that makes you essential to their success.  This is why we make you the Hero, not the house.  When leads view you as being both beneficial and necessary, they choose you as their agent and remain loyal.

The "Wrong Offer"

The "Wrong Offer" is what most lead gen companies do... and that wrong offer is advertising a home or some type of home search.  This is the "wrong offer" because all this does is interest leads in the house, not you.  And because leads feel like they can get property details online anywhere, they have no need for your help or for you to be calling them.

Be The Hero, Not The Villain

Calling leads who don't know who you are and feel like they don't need your help causes them to yell at you, which makes you feel all weird and salesy.  Instead of being that annoying Villain, be the helpful Hero instead.  We give you leads who seek your guidance and actually want to hear from you.

Direct Response Marketing

You want results right now, today.  To accomplish that, we use Direct Response Marketing, which means that our ads effectively say "this is what we have, do you want it"?  Because this laser-focused message is so direct, we quickly attract those who are interested and repel those who would otherwise waste your time.

Get Results Right Now

Direct Response Marketing allows us to get you results right now.  We cut right to the chase with our ads and this enables you to work with leads who know what they want and see you as the way to get it.

It's Predictable & Scalable 

Social media posting, blogging, and all that other stuff is the "long way around" to get leads.  And if you're like 99% of agents, you'd rather skip all that and just invest your resources into a lead generation method that is predictable and scalable.  That's what this is.  

Close Deals Every Month

If you're the type that thinks to yourself "if I just had good leads, I could close them", this is perfect for you.  Because we get you those good and serious leads who have real contact info and are willing to talk with you, you'll be closing deals every month. 


real info
Real Name & Phone

An astounding 98% of our leads have real names and phone numbers

talk rate
Talk Rate

7 out of every 10 leads will proactively start talking/texting with you without you having to do anything

take action now
Take Action Now

49% of our leads indicate that they want to take action either ASAP or within 1-3 months and our experience is that they follow through on this

average roi
Average Return

Our average partner is getting a 500% return on their investment... put in $1 and consistently get $5 back 

30-day conversion
30-Day Conversion Rate

76% of our new partners have at least 1 deal in their first 30 days with us that is either set to close or that they're actively working

90-day conversion
90-Day Conversion Rate

97% of our new partners have at least 1 deal in their first 90 days with us (the other 3% typically haven't made much effort to connect with their leads)

Here's An In-Depth Tutorial Of What We Do And Why It Works

If you love nitty-gritty details and want to throughly understand how we can get you such great results, this video is for you. 

If You're The Type That Thinks "If I Just Had Good Leads, I Could Close Them", This Is Perfect For You.

Let's hop on a quick Zoom call and talk.  No pressure, no obligation.